Maggi: A Malaysian Most Liked

Precisely what is Maggi?

Maggi is a Swiss product operate by Nestle Malaysia because 1957 to supply Malaysians making use of their most liked meals items such as spices and instant noodles. Maggi has earned numerous honours under Nestle like making Golden from the Putra Brand name Awards in 2019. Maggi is dearest by Malaysians during Chinese New Year for the manufacture of halal food items products for simple meal prep.

Maggi Products

Maggi is renowned for our famous quick noodles that come in several flavours like curry and fowl. Our oyster and chilli sauces can be used condiments or spice up meals. Dish preparation has become effortless using our stock cubes and CukupRasa, and we have quick spaghetti and mixes for biryani rice and sambal paste for your convenience.

Vital Quality recipes

We give you a catalogue of quality recipes made simple with Maggi items. Should you be looking for chicken breast recipes, you can test our sambal chicken breast in soy products sauce, or chicken rendang made delicious with CukupRasa. For meats enthusiasts, we have dishes for delicious meat, fried noodles, and beef dendeng made far better with the supply cubes.

Maggi MY

Speedy-Correct Foods

Cuisines Around the world

Our seasoning features enables you to cook without difficulty. As an example, make fried rice quickly with Maggi Nasi Goreng Kampung seasoning. We provide you with tasty fish recipes as well, including our spicy bad prawn’s recipe with MAGGI Tomyum Mixture. Serve your family members a healthy food with our organic dishes; for example, salted seafood kailan created delicious with Maggi Ikan Bilis.

Make meals from all across the globe at home with Maggi products. We have western quality recipes like the meaty meatloaf as well as a taste in the Eastern like lamb dumplings and kung pao chicken breast. Our teriyaki chicken formula with Maggi oyster sauce for any quick Japanese meal, and Arab recipes, for example, the chicken breast Arab rice, made using Maggi supply cubes.

Exclusive Masterpieces with Maggi

Because Maggi is certainly a highly-acknowledged manufacturer worldwide, our merchandise has even been a part of delicacy tasty recipes. For example, kheer, a traditional Indian pudding manufactured from rice and dairy, may be made out of the noodles from Maggi 2-Second Noodles. Besides, chefs have likewise included Maggi items to their snack food quality recipes like potato crisps and much more.

Helpful Tips from Maggi

Receive the best out from cooking for better quality family time using our tips. Learn about the best spaghetti pairings, the way to fry a species of fish like a master, or how cooking meals the right way may be helpful for your health, time, and budget with us. Also, you can learn to organise your house to produce total utilization of the area there with MAGGI.

Why Choose Maggi?

Pick Maggi as your cooking food friend now for hassle-free of charge and fast dish planning in your own home. Our merchandise can enhance many meals in adaptable techniques to actually can make nearly anything readily accessible in your pantry. Our fantastic recipes also can inspire you to make a selection of simple dishes to provide you out from formula ruts during Chinese New Year.

Perodua: The Auto Manufacturer For Malaysians

About Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua, far better recognised as Perodua is an important fixture on Malaysian roadways. One of the primary vehicle producers in the country, these are acknowledged previously, for generating minicars and supermini vehicles. Seeking to be a car organization that is comparable to other global manufacturers, Perodua lubricating oil is the central auto brand in Malaysia.

Perodua: Then and Now

Perodua commenced operating in 1993 and launched its very first vehicle, the Perodua Kancil in 1994. Now, Perodua has diverse automobiles to meet the needs of numerous Malaysians. However, from all of the the sedans and MPVs, people favoured their Axia and Myvi one of the most since they had become the most sold car versions in Malaysia. From 2006 to 2013, the Myvi was the most effective marketing vehicle in Malaysia.

The Beloved Myvi

Since it was launch in 2005, the Myvi is actually a most liked for Malaysians for several motives. It’s sleek and compact automobile design appealed to young drivers. With a decent value connected, the vehicle provides comfort and ease and self confidence with included safety and security capabilities, so that it is an evident selection for customers. It’s very clear why Perodua Myvi stays well-known.

Providing Everyone The Opportunity With Axia

In 2014, Perodua unveiled the Axia, a lightweight hatchback. Its affordable price is not really at the chance of its high quality, making the Perodua Axia just about the most cost-effective automobile for Malaysians. Since it’s created with the EEV motor, gasoline consumption and noises decrease have significantly enhanced for motorists. The outside reaches par together with the generator, providing car owners and travellers ease and comfort and benefit.

Perodua Aruz: Made for The Bold

The most recent SUV by Perodua, the Aruz, is actually a seven-seater vehicle by using a bold and sporty design. Designed for Malaysians, the EEV engine is fuel-efficient, which makes it value for money. The inside is equally as pleasurable since the exterior, so traveling in a Perodua Aruz is undoubtedly an encounter which is thrilling because it is comfy!

Malaysia’s Most Recommended MPV, the Alza

Perodua Alza is Malaysia’s most in-demand MPV. This Perodua MPV is perfect for people having its versatile seats arrangements. The interior offers convenience to passengers considering that everything is easy to access. Together with the built in multi-media process, every quest, quick or long, is a fun and cozy expertise!

Perodua’s Stylish Sedan, The Bezza

As a result of Axia’s acceptance, the Bezza was launched as Perodua’s very first sedan auto. The vehicle engine targets simply being gas-successful and lightweight, minimising noise and vibrations. The car’s stylish design and clever construct indicates every ride together with the Perodua Bezza as sleek obviously.

Malaysians’ Affinity For Perodua

Perodua is effective from the everyday of the Malaysian daily life. For over decade, they created autos for all. Request any person regarding their initial automobile their response is most probably the Kancil. The Myvi remains because the country’s favourite. For this reason, Malaysians could anticipate a brand new nationwide vehicle in the future to become made by Perodua.

Moving Forward with Perodua

Perodua will be the vehicle brand preferred by Malaysians. Their range of cars, from the Kancil on the Bezza, are high quality vehicles with excellent value. Expertise a Perodua lubricating oil these days in a showroom today! Locate one in your town here

Petua Menghias Rumah Baru Yang Anda Perlu Tahu

rumah baru LBS CyberSouth

Adakah anda berhasrat untuk memiliki rumah sendiri? Perkara yang sering diangankan oleh ramai orang adalah untuk menghias rumah baru mereka. Semua orang selalu menghias rumah mereka dengan naluri semata-mata tanpa meneliti langkah-langkah yang mereka harus lakukan. Ikuti tips-tips ini untuk deko rumah baru anda dengan lebih baik.

Pilih warna dan jenis cat yang sesuai

rumah baru LBS CyberSouth

Warna dalaman rumah memang memainkan peranan penting, kerana ia adalah kunci untuk menetapkan mood ruangan tersebut. Ada pelbagai tona warna yang boleh dipilih, dan anda perlu pertimbangkan pilihan anda sebelum membuat keputusan muktamad. Apa perabot yang anda ingin sertakan di ruangan? Apakah warna permaidani rumah anda? Meneliti setiap sudut pemilihan warna rumah amat penting sebelum anda membuat keputusan. Ini termasuklah mengetahui jenis-jenis cat yang ada, seperti undercoat, primer, dan sealer. Kita perlu tahu beza jenis cat ini untuk pewarnaan ruang rumah yang baik.

Sesuaikan perabot dengan ruang

Anda juga perlu teliti dengan saiz ruang dan jumlah ruang yang ada di rumah. Misalnya, rumah dengan ruangan kecil perlu mengambil kira saiz perabot untuk memastikan kawasan itu kelihatan luas. Jenis perabot juga perlu diambil kira. Adakah anda mahukan perabot rotan, perabot plastik ataupun kayu? Semua pilihan anda bergantung kepada tema yang anda ingin capai pada setiap ruangan di rumah baru anda.

Pilih tema yang fleksibel

Pilih tema yang mudah dan lebih abstrak untuk memudahkan anda menghias dan memilih barangan hiasan. Sesetengah tema bersifat terlalu spesifik dan ini akan menyukarkan anda untuk mengubah suai ruangan itu kelak. Tema yang mudah adalah tema yang berdasarkan warna, misanlya tema warna terang atau warna alam semulajadi. Dengan tema yang luas dan fleksibel, anda masih dapat menaik taraf ruangan anda dengan mudah pada masa hadapan.

Lihat katalog hiasan rumah 

Terdapat banyak idea-idea hiasan rumah yang ada di luar sana, sama ada dalam bentuk majalah ataupun internet. Melihat hiasan rumah sedia ada dapat memudahkan anda mencari inspirasi untuk mula menghias ruangan rumah anda. Lihat video di bawah untuk idea-idea hiasan rumah yang anda boleh cuba.


Menghias rumah kini lebih mudah dengan petua-petua ini. Anda masih mencari rumah baru idaman anda? Layari untuk mendapatkan rumah serba moden mampu milik di bandar Dengkil sekarang.

Precisely Why Get AIG Malaysia?

Insurance coverage can grant financial aid in case of any damages, including earnings loss. This is particularly significant for those who have family members or dependents, as it could reduce monetary burden in the course of unfortunate incidents. Among the list of top insurance providers in Malaysia which provide the service of renew car insurance Malaysia, AIG Malaysia might help fulfil all your insurance coverage necessities, with its MOU and wide-ranging insurance covers.

AIG Malaysia provides four key insurance coverages. House insurance protects the belongings and system in your home against dangers, vehicle insurance protects your autos, holiday insurance guards you from accidents while travelling, and private accident insurance maintains you against loss accrued in case of an accident. AIG’s Travel Insurance policies are separated into three main branches: insurance for both local and in foreign lands travel, and insurance protection for students travelling in foreign lands. All systems feature medical and personal accident cover so that you needn’t stress about incurring unanticipated costs while in foreign lands.

AIG Malaysia

If you’re a homeowner, you should think of taking advantage of the type of home insurance to defend yourself against unnecessary costs which will incur if the home or its contents are destroyed. House insurance is beneficial in protecting you against earthquakes, and burglary, or theft. AIG also has financial support should you require various accommodation.

Consider buying car insurance from AIG to get better defence against the unpredicted. With AIG’s policies, it will be possible to get a full payout on the total car damage. By purchasing additional premium, get ready to experience a variety of add-on advantages in line with your lifestyle and desires.

Ensure that you and your loved ones are very well taken care of with AIG’s Personal Accident Insurance policies. Personal Accident Insurance can supply you with a detailed plan, with a lump sum payout in the event of any unforeseen accidents, together with hospitalisation and medical benefits. Consider protecting your future and family members with AIG Malaysia’s insurance policies today. Insurance can provide you with the confidence and stability to live your best life with serenity.

Visit to explore we renew car insurance Malaysia coverage and what will work best for you.

RHB Malaysia: Banking Alternatives For A Better Forthcoming

RHB MY’s Contributions to Malaysia

RHB Banking Group MY is now over 100 years old! Aside from personal, business and Islamic banking, there are numerous other services on the market, for example, insurance, investments, and bank housing loan. RHB has won many prizes concerning their work, such as the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and much more. It’s got already been priceless towards Malaysia’s markets which consists of extensive finance research.

Personal Banking Options at RHB

Find an account which is flexible and suits your requirements with RHB. Applying for an RHB credit card also comes with perks, similar to credit limit increases or instalment payment plans. RHB even offers loan services, which are flexible and detailed. Additionally, we now have unique RHB insurance schemes for you and your loved ones.

Investment with RHB

Need to send money overseas? RHB’s Remittance possibilities will allow you to send your money in an exceedingly inexpensive and efficient way. We provide fast TT services, reduced education cost for moms and dads and students, and more. Moreover, we also have investment selections for you to improve your finances. Our safety deposit boxes are also available if you happen to want to store your possessions securely.

RHB Bank

RHB Insurance for Companies

If you require a loan, RHB incorporates a range of choices and settlement packages accessible. Opening a small business account with RHB is simple. Businesses only need to down payment RM3000, while sole traders down payment RM1000. This allows you to focus on your project without having to worry regarding your bank. RHB’s insurance option is also great for an enterprise at any stage of growth.

More Business Financial Options at RHB

Improve your organisation toward the full future with RHB’s enterprise banking options! From investment choices to our SME knowledge centre, RHB is not just your bank, but also your company companion. Along with funding, we’ve got trade services for both your import and export demands.

Conventional vs Islamic Financial at RHB

Islamic banking is not only just available to Muslim customers, but non-Muslim consumers are also very welcome to apply likewise. Conventional banking is more dedicated to interest levels to get an income, while Islamic banking follows Shariah laws and puts both borrower and lender first. The main advantages of Islamic banking are primarily moral- it can benefit both sides, regardless of what success you may have.

Advantages of RHB Now Banking

With RHB Now Banking, your money is appropriate at your fingertips. It merely requires that you can download the mobile app or access it internet through the computer. With our quick instruction videos, it’s trouble-free, to begin with. You can pay your bills, check your account balance without difficulty, as well as find close by RHB branches.

Why Should You Pick out RHB?

Want to do your business banking without any fuss or hassle? RHB certainly is the bank for you. Using our flexible options, you can manage all your consumer banking needs in a single place! Our professionals and customer satisfaction office can also be found to reply to any queries you’ll have for the bank housing loan. Visit RHB’s website for more details:

The Craft Of Online Campaign By Emperikal

Methods to become successful online with digital marketing in Malaysia

How Emperikal Can Boost Your Enterprise Performance

Emperikal considered top digital marketing agency Malaysia. Emperikal’s tasks are centred on results-driven marketing and advertising, helping get in touch with a wide range of clientele and employing strategies with the most significant impact. Inside a community where marketing is continuously changing and evolving, we can help keep you at the top.

Most of the professional services that Emperikal delivers include Content Marketing, Creative Services, SEO, Email Marketing, amongst others. From research to execution, we will be there all the approach to support your entire marketing strategies and content. Emperikal aims to generate superior quality, sustainable marketing services for you.

The Search engine optimization services that Emperikal provides includes five primary ingredients on your campaign: social media best practices, site content, keywords and phrases, authority link improvement and technical infrastructure. Search engine marketing allows your content to generally be optimized as well as improving the level of organic and natural traffic that your site receives.


Emperikal offers services in two essential elements for all business: web page design and website development services. For web design, we try to present an immersive company experience. Besides, for the website development services, we’ll help you to develop and design your website in a delicate, positive experience for clients.

With Emperikal’s overall performance marketing services, we can help you achieve better results on your limited budget. Using our search engine marketing and contextual and display advertising services, you will see the immediate impact and much more capable methods, which lead to defined and substantial results.

Regardless of the size and scope of your individual artistic needs, Emperikal is here to help with the method. Having something eye-catching and various is significant to your small business. From personalisation and design to social media creative assets, we attempt to deliver beautifully-designed visuals to capture your audience’s attention.

Establish your trade name and engagement with Emperikal’s social media working with internet marketing services. We approach all social media marketing campaigns having an emphasis on creativity and various approaches. Emperikal also gives attention to results-driven strategies, so we can adapt and improve your campaign to become the best it might be.

Emperikal offers comprehensive and versatile content marketing services in your business. Our content team analyzes niche topics, client behaviours, and also other critical content types to produce blog articles along with different kinds of content to provide your viewers with the most useful information available.

Take the business to another level with Emperikal’s digital marketing agency Malaysia. From content marketing to web development, we are here to assist you to support and generate what you are promoting to the full prospective. Visit to get a better concept of the skills we offer or use our contact page to speak with our associates.

Understanding E-cigarettes

Introducing E-cigarette

Cigarettes are receding of favour by casual smokers a couple of years. They’re now being replaced with electronic cigarettes. These devices aren’t exactly new inside the market-in fact; we will no longer need to doubt whether they are only a passing trend or perhaps a tool that could stay-it’s most likely the latter.

The Invention Of The E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette we know has its origin from China’s Hon Lik in 2003. His patent was the first successful e-cig in the Chinese market, paving the way for similar products to be sold worldwide. These devices work by heating the liquid into a vapour that consumers would then inhale. Nowadays, e-cigs can be purchased and enjoyed from a variety of brands like NanoSTIX.

E-cigarettes in the Cultural Zeitgeist

Years after Hon Lik’s success, e-cigarettes have gained massive popularity globally. The significant rise in vape users started in 2012, and the vaping community continues to grow today. Youths and young adults are the main customers for e-cigarettes, and there’s an ongoing belief that e-cigs are a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.


There’s an E-cigarette for Everyone

These days, vape users are spoiled with choices with the wide selection of e-cigarette types. Sub-ohm kits, pod kits and starter kits are some of the e-cigarettes available in the market. This allows e-cig users to purchase any products that suit their needs. For instance, NanoSTIX is perfect for a person that prefers lightweight vape pens.

How Do You Use A Vape Pen?

Each brand may have varying designs but the core components of a vape pen include rechargeable batteries, liquid cartridges, a steel body, a heating element and the electronic circuit. To vape with a pen, the user breathes through the mouthpiece, activating the heating element that converts the liquid into an aerosol. This vapour becomes inhalable by the user.

Why Do People Vape?

The most common reason a person starts vaping is to quit smoking, but there are other reasons why a person uses e-cigarettes. Some people view vaping as a hobby and are interested in trying e-juice flavours from NanoSTIX, others vape to relax. Being in a vaping community is also one of the reasons a person vapes. For many e-cig users, vaping is a lifestyle.

Risks of Using E-cigarettes

Health risks of e-cigarettes have sparked a running debate: are they better than tobacco cigarettes? A widespread claim is that it does not contain harmful substances found in cigarettes like tar. This makes it a better option for smokers trying to kick the habit. Nevertheless, there is not enough research to support or dismiss this claim.

E-cigarettes and Regulations

Regulation policies of e-cigarettes are dependent on respective countries. For instance, Japan and Thailand are some countries that have completely banned e-cigarettes, while other states have no laws against it. In Malaysia, the usage is not outlawed, but advertising e-cigarettes is prohibited. Plans to introduce stricter regulations may be done by the Malaysian government.

The Future Of E-cigarettes

Globally, the number of e-cigarette users has increased rapidly. Despite its mixed reputation, the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow, especially among former smokers trying to quit smoking. Need help in quitting smoking? Visit NanoSTIX‘s website for more information.

Comprehensive Insurance Services By AIG Malaysia

AIG Malaysia: 360° Insurance Coverage Plan

In almost six decades since 1953, AIG was always serving the Malaysian community through innovative solutions that happen to be continuously tailored around the needs of persons and corporate clients. AIG Malaysia, with renewing car insurance Malaysia currently is operating in 15 offices nationwide, backed up by a massive network of agents, brokers, and schemes. It provides them with the capabilities to deliver quality services that meet clients’ expectations.

Knowing that there is nothing more critical than protection and assurance while confronting the uncertain future, AIG Malaysia gives a selection of solutions which may be perfect for both personal and business needs.

Purchasing a vehicle or a house is generally worrying without comprehensive insurance protection to safeguard them in the case of accidents. The authorities has made insurance purchase mandatory for all the private and commercial properties possessed. To ensure the clients can have the most out of their purchased plan, AIG supplies a fast and quality service to different clients in case there are demands.

AIG Malaysia

Ultimately, personal well-being continues to be an essential thing for every single individual. AIG Malaysia renders a magnificent effort to share this importance, plus its pleasant to finally look at the positive result from their energy while the annual statistics of medical insurance registration grow each year.

Moreover, for business entities, AIG has always been actively supplying a high-level risk management plan that would be strongly related to the requirements. Be it extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting and captive services insurance, and also trade credit insurance, corporate customers have the option to customize their subscription plan with AIG to prevent both overprotection and underinsurance.

Using the number of insurance cover available, AIG will be able to provide a quality program to customers from different industries, such as companies in the hospitality & leisure, import & export, energy, retail, communications, and even media & technology sector. In addition to that, because they start to see the rise of SMEs while in the local market, AIG crafted an exclusive package that can protect these thriving enterprises from all categories of risks while they expand.

Hence, customers that are interested in additional information about AIG Malaysia’s insurance and risk management offerings can go to their website to receive details on nearby agents to arrange a face to face meeting. To customers who prefer a straight-forward approach, they may ask for a quote inside the website and provide relevant information to ensure that assessment is possible.

AIG Malaysia is amazingly mindful of the shifting trend of purchase that focuses a little more about e-commerce. Understanding that, they’ve got recently worked with Lazada Malaysia to make renew car insurance Malaysia purchase found in the e-commerce platform. Upon purchase and after following two or three quick steps in registration, customers will surely have their insurance policy activated in just three days.

Perodua: The Car Manufacturer For Malaysians

Introduction To Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad, or more commonly known as Perodua, is a well-known Malaysian car company. Initially known for producing minicars and superminis, Perodua is now one of the largest manufacturers in the country. Besides building various car models for Malaysians, Perodua Bezza price is also one of the most preferred car brands in the country.

How Perodua Started

Perodua was established in 1993, and the following year, it launched its first car, the Perodua Kancil. Following the Kancil, Perodua began various types of vehicles including sedans and MPVs. Out of all cars produced by Perodua, Axia and Myvi are the most sold car models in Malaysia. Perodua Myvi was also the best selling car in Malaysia from 2006 to 2013.

The Popular Perodua Myvi

Perodua first released the Malaysians’ favourite hatchback in 2005. It is a supermini vehicle that comes with modern technology and youthful design, quickly becoming the popular choice shortly after its launch. The compact car also has versatile space and intelligent safety features, making it a worthy choice for value.


Axia, The Most Affordable Car

Launched in 2014, the Perodua Axia is one of the newer models by Perodua. Perodua Axia’s price is rather low, making it the most affordable car in Malaysia. Axia uses the EEV engine that improves fuel consumption and reduces levels of noise. The smart exterior design of the Axia matches its engine, and its interior gives extreme comfort and convenience.

Aruz: Bold And Sporty

The latest model from Perodua is in the form of an SUV. A seven-seater vehicle built with an EEV engine and dynamic exterior, the Perodua Aruz sends a strong statement on the road. The spacious interior and fuel-efficient engine make the Aruz a great companion for long journeys, ensuring comfort and confidence.

Alza: The MPV For Malaysians

Malaysia’s most popular MPV is the Perodua Alza. With its spacious and comfortable interiors, its clear to see why Malaysians prefer this. Every journey in an Alza is a pleasant experience when you consider the plush seats and impressive multimedia system, including a roof-mounted monitor that comes with this MPV.

Bezza: The Smart And Stylish Sedan

As a complement to the Axia hatchback, the Perodua Bezza is Perodua’s first sedan car. The Bezza was manufactured with an emphasis on fuel-efficiency, with a lightweight engine that makes minimal vibration and noise. With stylish designs and a variety of colours to choose from, the Perodua Bezza performs as well as its good aesthetics.

Perodua’s Impact On Malaysia

Perodua plays a crucial part in a Malaysian’s life at some point. Before it’s production ceased, the car most driving schools conducted their lessons with was a Kancil! For many, it was the first car they’ve ever driven. With Myvi’s lasting popularity, it’s no surprise that Malaysians may get a new national car by Perodua in 2021.

There Is Something For Everyone At Perodua

From sedans to MPVs, Perodua Bezza price offers a wide range of vehicles for Malaysians to choose. Big or small, there’s a Perodua car that will suit your taste and needs. For more information on our cars, check out

RHB Bank To Expand Growth Within SEA Market

RHB Bank’s Financial Solutions: Credit Cards and More

As we speak of RHB, we know that they’re now one of the top five banks in Malaysia. Recognising the potential of foreign markets with SEA region, they have expanded their horizon and entered Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and many other countries. Feeling the necessity to provide more value, RHB Bank has begun to offer various types of financial services such as Islamic bank loan to organisations and individuals.

Individuals and corporations are free to start up their savings and current account with RHB Bank conveniently and benefit from reasonably competitive interest rate as they put in money into their account. If they intend to make any transactions online, they could easily use the online banking services, RHB Now. For offline sales, they’ll be able to access the ATM & CDM machines and also MEPS ATM quickly for withdrawal.

The shift from traditional purchasing method using cash to cashless methods also increased the demand for credit cards. As validated in the data from many analysis conducted, the acceptance towards e-payment method from the public is showing dramatical growth. Hence, credit cards are gaining popularity as cardholders may make an online purchase without hassles.

RHB Bank

Feeling the need to narrow the gap between supply and demand, RHB Bank goes further. It has begun offering credit card facilities with multiple benefits in comparison with the other banks, that include cashback reward for cardholders as they purchase more using a credit card.

For organisations and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are available. They can take a business loan and even connect with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Planning to make sure that their solutions are top-rated, RHB, besides, has offered online cash management and asset management services.

There’s one particular class of customers which would reap out the most advantages of this: the SMEs. The products provided by RHB Bank will make it possible for them to gain more capital to better develop their business by making an application for the loan. Additionally, SMEs within the e-commerce industry may also sign up for RHB’s reliable retail solutions.

Despite this, focus on the highly demanded Islamic banking facilities hasn’t ever been an oversight. RHB Bank is aware that there is a lot of requests from the public to bring about Shariah-compliant financial instruments. As a result of that, they’ve already lined up wealth management, corporate banking, Islamic treasury, unit trust, and different types of other offerings that follows the Shariah guideline for the public.

In 2016, RHB Bank witnessed a 24% annual brand value growth, which makes them among the list of 5 best players in Malaysia. Knowing the full potential of the future financial market, RHB Bank is ready with a lot of aggressive strategies such as Islamic bank loan in ensuring a steady increase in growth throughout the next few years.